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      South Georgians speak out on Michael Vick

      Former Atlanta Falcon TMs star quarterback Michael Vick TMs electronic bracelet was removed Monday.

      For the past 23 months, the last 60 days in home confident, Vick had been serving federal time for his role in a dog fighting ring. But just because he TMs now free, does it mean he deserves another chance in the NFL?

      Southwest Georgians sound off.

      Great player brought a lot of excitement to the game. Hated to see what happened to him.

      Still a fan, I like the Atlanta Falcons.

      Yes he hurt dogs, but did he hurt a person, no. Sure he should be reinstated.

      With the NFL, they are supposed to be community leaders for kids to look up to and I don TMt foresee him as one of those people so I don TMt think he should be reinstated.

      He got caught up in something that he shouldn TMt of been involved in and I just feel he paid his time, and that should be the end of it.