South Georgia Motorsports Park seized by Department of Revenue

Photo Credit: MGN Online

The Georgia Department of Revenue executed a search warrant Sunday afternoon at the South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cook County.

An official with the Department of Revenue told FOX 31 they had a search warrant and two felony arrest warrants for Kim Wood, the co-owner and operator. One arrest warrant was for theft by taking sales tax and the other for theft by taking withholding.

This was sparked by a two year investigation by the Department of Revenue.

The Department's communications director says they did everything they could to bring Wood and the racetrack into compliance when it came to sales tax and withholding. Wood was uncooperative with agents and as a result her sales tax license was revoked in August. She continue to operate the park without a license and they ultimately seized control of the park Sunday afternoon.

The seizure is due to $90,000 being owed to the Department of Revenue.

The racetrack will be open as normal next week. The judge has appointed someone to run the business until the matter is sorted out.