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      South Georgia braces for cold temps

      South Georgia is expecting to see some of the lowest temperatures in more than a decade Monday night and Tuesday morning.

      Jim Vaught, Deputy Director for the Albany-Dougherty Emergency Management Agency, says this is an unusual circumstance because South Georgians are not accustomed to these cold temperatures.

      "We ask people to be prepared, have a plan, and stay informed," Vaught said. "If you must go outside, please be aware of the wind chill factor."

      Vaught recommends that people wear layers while outside, especially for long periods of time. He urges people to be aware of their surrounds and not to overheat themselves and then cool down quickly and suffer frostbite.

      He says when it gets cold, many people use alternate sources of heating. He says never to use a stove to supply heat in your home and he says if people use space heaters to stay warm, keep it away from furniture and clothing.

      He adds that people should not forget about pets and to keep them warm even if that means bringing them inside.

      Steve Woods, manager at Lowe's Home Improvement, says his store saw hundreds of people in his store early Monday morning when it opened. He says many people showed up looking for heaters and insulation.

      Woods says when the temperatures get below freezing, it's important to keep a steady stream of water running from faucets to prevent damage to pipes. He also recommends insulating outdoor pipes.