Soulful Sunday concert raises money for youth

Albany sampled a serving of soul filled voices on Sunday in downtown's Veteran's Amphitheater. The event was called Soulful Sunday.

A host of artist as well as other groups came together in the event to support Hip Hop Grows Up.

Hip Hop Grows Up is a non-profit organization that aims to show young people positivity within their community.

The group's spokesperson says hopefully by guiding the youth, they will grow up to become leaders.

He's asking the public to join the cause.

"The solution that we need within the entire United States when it comes to our young people is that the best way to effect the future is to get up and do something about it," said Hip Hop Grows Up Spokesperson Victor Lee.

The event was open to the public for a fee. There will be three additional Soulful Sunday concerts scheduled throughout this year.

If you would like to donate to Hip Hop Grows Up, go to the website