Sorority cleans up the 'Good Life City'

Local sorority cleans up, "The Good Life City" once a month. / Matt Prichard

One Albany State University sorority is looking to clean-up Albany, one street at a time.

The sisters of the Gamma Sigma chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha at Albany State University have made it a part of their weekend to adopt South Jefferson Street and clean up what trash they can.

Group spokeswoman, Renniah Gay, says it's something small that makes a big impact.

"Every month we clean the highway, making sure the environment is beautiful, so children can run free and have a great time. Not only do we do community service in the community, but also on the campus of ASU, to inspire others to adopt a highway and really give back to the good life city," said Gay.

And no frowns were found while doing the work, the girls were certainly enjoying their community service time.

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