Some SWGA counties clean up as other prepare for flooding

High water is expected to hit the Kinchafoonee Creek by Friday. / Sean Streicher

Heavy rainfall dumped as much as five inches of water in some areas across Southwest Georgia. Baker County was hit hard forcing some roads, to be closed.

Downed trees were also a problem causing crews to work throughout the night clearing roads of branches and limbs.

"As you can see right here these old dead trees fall in the road especially when it rains," said Larry Hart, Baker County Public Works Director.

Fortunately, there was only on report in Baker County of a tree falling on a house, and no one was hurt in that incident.

For certain areas, such as Lee County, problems aren't expected to be seen for at least a few days.

The National Weather Service currently has the Kinchafoonee Creek at 8.5 feet, by Friday they are projecting water to rise to 15.5 feet putting it into the minor flooding stage.

"The biggest effect on us that takes a couple of days after it rains is rain that falls north of us. Primarily rain that falls in Sumter and Schley counties eventually effects us, but it takes 24, 48, 96 hours for it to get down here," Chief James Howell the Lee County Emergency Management Director:

Chief Howell is hoping Tuesday's break in rainfall will allow water currently in the creeks and rivers to drain into bigger water ways. If flooding does become a problem Emergency Management will be out assisting residents.

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