Some say small changes can go a long way

While the weather is uncontrollable, some attendees some things can be controlled for next year's Fourth of July Celebration to increase attendance / Colby Gallagher

While the weather is uncontrollable, some attendees say something that can be controlled for next year's Fourth of July Celebration to increase attendance is the event's location.

"Probably keep it back closer to the downtown area, make it where people can actually get out and walk there instead of having to force to drive," said James Dozier, who was there to sell Albany State University items.

Though others agree that the distance may have prevented some from being able to enjoy the food and activities, they understand the move was necessary for security reasons.

"A lot of people if they don't have transportation, this is a long way to come out but then to be on the safe side to keep families safe from different from different crimes and different activity, it's fine to be out here. To me, it is," said Wanda Cauley.

Though the rain couldn't be stopped, more overhang space and building usage could've kept those who did turn out around long enough to tell others it's not that bad.

"Probably bring in more people, obviously. I mean, if it's raining I'm not really for it and if it starts to rain any more I'm probably going to leave," said Glenda Mercer, who was ready to leave if the rain started to fall harder.

Many though the openness of the venue that was once the advantage to the event became a disadvantage after some vendors felt they couldn't present their items as they wanted.

"For this kind of stuff I needed walls, I actually needed some wall space for these things because these tents are good for some tables but if you have bigger stuff, you could at least have it partially walled in," said Patrick Foster, a vendor who was selling acrylic art.

Despite the small changes, those who came out said it was well worth the trip and the rain even cleared up just in time for the fireworks.

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