Soldiers and veterans honored Sunday

Family, Friends and Veterans / Rheya Spigner

Andersonville Historic Site and National Cemetery held a memorial service for veterans and fallen soliders Sunday afternoon.

Over 20,000 fallen soldiers are buried in the Andersonville Cemetery. Friends of the fallen, family and veterans were at a service to honor the fallen.

Chief Ranger Eric Leonard said, "Memorial Day is the most important thing we do."

For speaker and war veteran James Ramage, it's more than a holiday.

James Ramage said, "It's special to me, my dad and I were in Vietnam at the same time and then I got to serve on active duty with my oldest son who retired. Federal holidays, it's about family time, what about those who came before us?"

One woman, Valerie Shipman came from New York to honor her great, great grandfather, William Keeley, who fought in the Civil War and was buried in the Andersonville Cemetery.

Shipman said, "He was captured and died in prison in August 1864; it's an honor for me to be able to honor him."