Soggy roads pose threat to drivers

Red Oak Road in Worth County after recent rains. / Jessica Fairley

The ground is saturated from ongoing rains and those who travel dirt roads may find themselves in a dilemma.

Worth County officials say although no roads are currently washed out because of rains, drivers should still take precaution.

Vehicles can easily get stuck in wet soil if drivers aren't careful.

Drivers are advised to avoid standing water and drive slow down on wet roads.

Also if you find yourself stuck in the mud, officials say don't waste too much time spinning your wheels to get out.

"You'll suck water up into the vehicle sometimes because a lot of the vehicles pick the air up from the lower part of the bumper of the vehicle and this could cause some damage to the vehicle," said Robert Gilliam, A-1 Wrecker Service.

He says it's best to remain calm and call for help.