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      Social Media helps cracks down on crime

      Since a Nixle alert was sent out last Thursday warning residents in the Doncaster, Lionel Lane, Pembroke areas to lock their car doors and hide their valuables because of numerous car break-ins, officials with the Albany Police Department say they haven't received any calls about break-ins since the alert was sent out.APD believes that thanks to the Nixle alerts, social media, and residents taking action people are more aware of the crimes and in return the offenders aren't able to commit the crime.Captain Angel Bradford with the Albany Police Department says, "beware of things left in your front yard and in your car that is of value this kind of crime is a crime of opportunity."She adds that a lot of the people caught stealing have been caught for the same crime before.Officials say if you see suspicious activity in your neighborhood, be careful and contact police.Also, if you would like to get the Nixle Alerts, visit this link.

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