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      Social media doubles as crime solving tool

      Facebook is more than a tool for socializing and liking pictures after many police departments have begun utilizing it to help solve crimes and inform the public.The Albany Police Department has reached more than 600 "likes" on their page and officials say it's a great tool to open up a dialogue with residents who want to know what officers are doing to keep the area safe.Whether it's good or bad news, police say the public likes to say informed and Facebook is a program that allows them to reach a large platform just by the click of a button.APD representatives hope to one day start using their page as a way to receive tips that will lead them in the right direction to solve crimes.Other local agencies on Facebook include the Doerun Police Department, Douglas Police Department, Dougherty County Sheriff's Officer, Moultrie Police Department, Sylvester Police Department, Tift County Sheriff's Office, and the Worth County Sheriff's Office. Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!