Sneak peek inside the new Olive Garden

FOX 31 has obtained the blueprints for the new store being built in Albany. / Ashley Knight

FOX 31 has gotten a sneak peek at the new Olive Garden coming to Albany from the store blueprints.

City Commissioner Roger Marietta believes this will greatly boost local economy, drawing in folks to Albany and retaining those who travel out of town for an Olive Garden experience. He says he doubts it will affect local small business restaurants since the smaller restaurants are more competitively priced.

We also caught up with local business owner Bo Henry, who agrees locally owned restaurants will not see much of a difference after the Olive Garden is no longer a novelty.

"It's a chain restaurant, so they definitely have their niche, but I think local restaurants also have theirs. But I mean, price points are one thing, but when people go out sometimes, when they're going out, they're going out to splurge anyways so they're going to go somewhere they want to go," say Henry.

The city manager and other city leaders are out of town on retreat this week discussing other issues and were not immediately available to answer questions about an opening date for the restaurant. Check back here for updates.