Smash and grabbers continue to roll

The broken glass is starting to sound like a broken record. Two more Albany businesses were targeted by smash and grab burglars overnight.

Around 3:00 Thursday morning, the Liberty Convenience Store at Westover and Oakridge became another casualty of the summer of smash.

A burglar stole a healthy supply of cigarettes and fled.

The owner says there's no reason to steal from a guy like him.

"Everybody knows if you would just ask me for a pack of cigarettes, I would give it to them," said Jolly Singh.

The major headache for him is the damage to his cash register.

"I can't close it," said Singh. "I can't even close my register. That's the only, biggest part. I have to buy a new register and reprogram everything."

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Mr. Singh. He's only been in business about three years and he's already been hit by smash and grab burglars twice and held up at gunpoint.

Just two hours before the trouble at the Liberty store, Artesian Billing on Cordele Road also fell prey to a smash and grab.

This time, nothing was taken because the owner locks his electronics in a storage cabinet every night.

"There is a need to be vigilant," said Errol Markland, the owner of the business. "To have double security, back-up security system, maybe double doors."

He also has a message for those responsible.

"We have fingerprints," said Markland. "We have surveillance. It's only a matter of time before they're fully identified and they'll be caught."

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video or have any information, call Crimestoppers.

For information on legislation aimed at combating smash and grabs, visit:

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