Small town post offices hours to be cut

Stephen Seewoester with the U.S. Postal Service.

The U.S. Postal Service has set up a plan to save money, but this cost saving measure may mean less money for local post office employees.

Officials with U.S.P.S. say they've thought of every way to save and in order to keep offices open in small towns, they may have to cut back their hours.

What we want to do is modify our retail hours. They'll more match the customers TM use that we have in house, says Stephen Seewoester, a Communications Representative with the United States Postal Service.

Seewoester says access to retail lobbies and post office boxes would stay the same. He says opting to cut hours and keep facilities open allows townspeople to keep their zip code and their community identity.

I think to keep these small town post offices open is definitely a benefit to these small towns. You know, otherwise you're going to have to travel to some of the larger towns, says Jay Youmans, a businessman in Omega, Georgia.

Jay Youmans says he does business in at the TY TY post office, one of the facilities the list. He says post office employees are worried about how they're going to make it.

I've talked to them several times before and I know they're worried about their job and the hours they're going to be cut, says Jay Youmans.

Officials with the U.S. Postal Service say right now this is just a plan that has to be reviewed by the Postal Regulatory Commission. After things are cleared, they'll hold town hall meetings across the country to gain community input.

There are some other different options too but we will cover that at any community meeting, says Stephen Seewoester.

He says the strategy will be implemented over the next few years and possibly completed in 2014.

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