Small town big deal

The crew films an episode of 'Small Town Big Deal' at McLendon Acres in Leary

/ Colby Gallagher

McLendon Acres Farm in Leary may not be receiving a lot of rain, but it's certainly receiving a lot of attention.

"Small Town Big Deal is about celebrating life in rural America and all the great things, people, places and events but we're here to showcase McLendon Acres today because they have really a state-of-the-art farm," said host, Rodney Miller.

The farm is being featured in an episode of RFD TV's new show 'Small Town Big Deal' to show its newest feature installed this spring with the help of the Flint River Basin Partnership - a group created to help farmers conserve.

"We call it Precision Agriculture Technology and this pivot here is actually an example of that technology in the field. It uses what's called a Variable Rate Irrigation System that allows the pivot to apply water only where the water is needed," said Flint River Basin Partnership Director, David Reckford.

McLendon Acres saves 17% of the water applied through the irrigation system and another 15% through using soil moisture sensors. Employees say they're happy to be recognized for their conservation efforts.

"We're honored that a national television show wants to come to McLendon Acres and recognize us for being successful and recognize us for all of the hard work that we've put in," said John Cole, who works 40-45 hours a week on the farm.

The show debuts in September and those involved hope it will spread the word about the technologies used.

"Hopefully there's a farmer somewhere in the nation that's going to see this show, that's going to learn about this technology and say hey, I've got a non-crop area, I've got a pond or I've got a pivot overlap and I could use this technology to conserve water there as well," said Reckford.

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