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      Small businesses welcome additional customers

      Small Business Saturday, a day wedged between Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, dedicated specifically to supporting small, locally operated businesses

      "We don't do Black Friday shopping, we come out of Saturday, it's always fun to see individual businesses, I'd rather go to a small business then a chain," said Small Business Saturday Shopper, Lee Tucker.

      Local Shops are saying they felt an impact. "My Sister's Place" in downtown Albany, said they've seen over double the amount of foot traffic then a normal Saturday, and that's after only being open a few hours.

      It TMs more than supporting a certain store, shopping local can do a lot for the local economy.

      "Every dollar of sales by a local retailer, 68 cents of that dollar stays in that local community," said Michael Kercheval the President and CEO of the International Council of Shopping Centers.

      Besides adding a boost to the local economy, business owners, and their patrons say these mom and pop shops offer things national retailers cant.

      "You find things you don't find at a chain store, you find different unique things," said Tucker.

      While Saturday is dedicated to shopping at small businesses, experts say it's important to support them year round.