Six wrecks in 24 hours in Colquitt County

Colquitt County 911 operators take calls Wednesday afternoon. / Cody Long

If you've been out on the roads, you know they are icy and causing some trouble for drivers. Colquitt County has seen several wrecks since 6 p.m. Tuesday night.

Colquitt County 911 received an influx of calls from drivers treading the icy roads.

"It wasn't until about 5:45 this morning when we started receiving calls about cars sliding into ditches," Colquitt County 911 Director Teresa Warburg said.

Georgia State Patrol says two of the six wrecks in the past 24 hours were because of ice on the roads.

Tommy Peeples with GSP said, "The one we had at six o'clock this morning was due to ice on the bridge. Once he traveled onto the bridge he started fishtailing and lost control and went down an embankment."

He says there has been one fatality and several injuries. All but one of those wrecks had injuries. One of the latest was Tuesday just after 9 p.m. involving a tanker at GA Highway 133 and Perry Road. 21-year-old Matthew Garver was killed in that wreck.

"It was a stop sign issue on the part of the driver who was deceased. He failed to stop at a stop sign and ran into a tractor trailer and at this time we don't believe it was weather related," Peeples said.

Warburg and GSP both urge drivers to be cautious with wet roads and below freezing temperatures.

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