'Sip and Safari' to unveil new African Veldt exhibit

Zebra are some of the animals Sip and Safari guests will see at Chehaw's new African Veldt exhibit / File

Guest at Saturday's Sip and Safari event won't only be tasting wine, they'll be getting a taste of Chehaw's newest exhibit. The wildlife park is unveiling their new African Veldt exhibit at the sold out event.

Zebras, eland antelope, impala antelope and ostrich will be roaming the grassland as the party goes on through the evening.

"Party areas are set up behind a low fence that will separate them from the animals and they'll be able to literally sit... we're going to have some campfires lit and they'll be able to sit around the campfire and hopefully gaze at the animals," says Chehaw Executive Director Doug Porter.

Porter says they plan to develop the African Veldt exhibit through the years, adding animals like wildebeest and hopefully having the animals reproduce.

The zoo is working to collect the funds needed to purchase the vehicles to take visitors through the exhibit. Until then, the African Veldt will be limited to small parties and events. Chehaw says they are working on arranging sunset safari dinners on the veldt.

The eland antelope are from Jim Fowler and the impala antelope were purchased from Busch Gardens in Tampa, according to Porter.