Sinkhole closes Meredyth Drive

A sinkhole has closed off Meredyth Drive completely

Meredyth Drive has been reopened to through traffic after temporary roadwork at Meredyth Drive experienced storm damage this weekend .

Meredyth Drive was closed to through traffic until the damage could be repaired on Sunday, according to John Fischer, senior vice president of Facilities and Construction at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Construction crews will be continuing roadwork and if there are no further weather delays, paving should be completed by Wednesday. Until then, motorists are advised to drive with extreme caution in this area.

Meredyth Drive area received three inches of rain in 45 minutes Saturday afternoon and the intensity and volume of water created damage to temporary roadwork associated with construction on Meredyth Drive.

Phoebe Putney Health System broke ground several weeks ago on site preparation work needed for the building of a digestive diseases center at One Meredyth Place.

"Following an assessment of the damage and consulting with City engineers, we felt it was best to shut down Meredyth Drive to through traffic as a precautionary measure until workers can stabilize the road," Fischer said.

Initial Story

The rain started up again Sunday afternoon, causing more trouble.

Construction crews were working on Meredyth Drive, and the rain just made things worse.

A sinkhole has shut down the entire road.

Crews were installing the storm drains before the weekend and didn't get a chance to cover it up before the rains came.

Engineering officials say they'll try to get to it this week, however, it will be dodgy with all the rain forecasted over the next few days.