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      Single marines stay busy in their free time

      The Marine Corps Logistics Base has a Single Marines Program to help those without family around connect to events, activities, and volunteer opportunities. The center also has activities like video gaming consoles, air hockey, foosball, computer lab, movie theater and more.

      Corporal Stephanie Bowens is the Single Marines Programs President and she says the space on base is important so single marines can have a space to get to know each other and get active in the community. Sometimes they say ~I don TMt know what to do! I don TMt know if there TMs anything going on tonight. TM Immediately I shoot out flyers, shoot out emails, let the marines know like ~hey there having an event right here TM, there TMs a volunteer opportunity at this program, you can volunteer at this church, toys 4 tots, boys and girls club, you know. There TMs plenty of things for the marines to do says Bowens.

      The marines also travel for group trips going to places like Athens for Georgia games, Atlanta for Atlanta Falcons games, and more.

      Bowens hopes the programs continues to grow because the more marines who participate, the more opportunities open up to them.