Simulating reality prepares police

Simulator trains Police / Matt Prichard

Police officers around southwest Georgia met at Moultrie Technical College today to try a new emergency simulator that uses 5 video screens.

"It's as close to realistic as I've seen, and I've been doing this for 35-years," said Deputy Chief for Moultrie Police, Joey Lancos.

But law enforcement won't be the only ones benefiting from this training tool, Moultrie Tech Students will also have the opportunity to use the simulator.

"It's great because we have a partnership with the city of Moultrie who received the $200,000 dollar grant to get the simulator, but also our criminal justice program students can take part in learning about firearm safety," said Public Relations Manager for Moultrie Technical College, Jana Wiggins.

The simulator is an intense blend of real-life scenarios mixed with the learning experience every law enforcement officer needs.

"You have a situation going on all around you, officers have to be on their toes, keen, and be looking, cause the threat could come from their left, right, instead of just the front one screen which doesn't make it as realistic," said Lancos.

VIRTRA, the company that made the system, believes it to be the best training simulator on the market, partly because it can generate dozens of real life scenarios.

"It's the difference between standing in front of a simulator, and actually standing inside one, the training officer, whoever's going through the simulation, is much more immersed in that environment with our equipment, as they would be with other equipment that's available," said VIRTRA official, Ryan Bray.

The simulator will remain at Moultrie Technical College to educate law enforcement in our area.