Signal head improvement to improve traffic safety

Nashville is upgrading their signal heads to improve the efficiency and safety of traffic flow by the end of September at three intersections on U.S. 129/SR 11.

The upgrade is part of a $436,297.85 Georgia Department of Transportation project awarded in January to the Navitus Group, Inc. of Lithonia. New signals are being installed at the intersections of Dennis Avenue, McPherson Avenue and Marion Avenue. The project also includes the installation of countdown pedestrian signals, ADA wheelchair ramps and crosswalk striping.

Residents can expect greatly improved traffic flow when the system goes operational, Navitus project manager Chris Smith said.

"The new signal heads have LED lights that are brighter than those on the old system," Smith said. They are also more energy efficient, which will save the city money on utility costs. The real star of the upgrade is the system that will control the lights. Equipment at the three intersections will communicate wirelessly.

A loop under the pavement at the McPherson Avenue intersection will detect traffic. The other two intersections will have Video Detection Systems. This is not a closed circuit television system and cameras will not record vehicle information, Smith said. The video is strictly for recognizing vehicles that are approaching or at are at the intersection.

Once all the equipment has been installed, Navitus will program the timing of the system based on daytime and nighttime traffic counts.

Work began in May at the Dennis Avenue intersection and the project is expected to be complete by September 30.