Should media use personal pictures for profit?

FOX 31 ladies decked out in Christmas gear for the Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign. / Jessica Fairley

In our Facebook story of the day people wanted to know whether or not southwest Georgians thought social media should be able to use your pictures without asking.

This question comes after Instagram revamped its privacy policy to suggest it would allow pictures to be used without the owner's consent.

Many people around southwest Georgia say they don't believe anyone should be able to use personal pictures without consent.

One southwest Georgia man even says social media companies should have a waiver so that people can choose whether or not they want to release their photos.

"It's a lot of hackers and people out there doing wrong for whatever reason. They may use that picture for fake I.D.s or anything that is wrong. Media needs to have a waiver to use a particular picture," said Derrick Jackson.

Although the majority of the people that FOX 31 spoke with agreed with Jackson, there is one man who didn't mind if anyone used his pictures.
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