Should humans be worried about getting a disease from fleas?

Should humans be worried about contracting the same diseases from fleas that dogs do?

If you've noticed fleas in the yard and/or in the house, don't worry, you're not alone.

David Reed, with Adams Pest Control, said because we don't really have a distinct four seasons and the temperature gets so high here, fleas are a big problem here in Southwest Georgia. Reed says over the past few weeks they have gotten a large amount of calls from residents complaining about fleas.

Luckily, officials with the Southwest Georgia Health District say there have been no cases of contracting a disease like Parvo or the Plague from fleas in the state of Georgia. They do however warn you if you are traveling out west or to certain countries where there have been cases of people getting the Plague from fleas.

Officials say if you notice a large number of fleas in your house the best thing you can do is call an exterminator to take care of the issue and take your pets to the vet to get treated.

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