Shorter stays for inmates at Dougherty County jail

The jail has seen fewer inmates this year thanks to the district attorney's office speeding up the trial process / File

Sheriff Kevin Sproul is proud of his staff, working harder under dire economic situations.

He is especially proud of his jail staff.

The Dougherty County jail was at its operating capacity in years past, but the process of getting inmates to trial has been expedited, resulting in fewer inmates sitting in our jail cells.

"It's really been a joint effort, everybody's been participating and we've seen the numbers come down from nearly a thousand inmates to below 800," says Col. John Ostrander.

Sheriff's deputies also served nearly 25,000 civil papers which puts almost an extra $500,000 into the county's general fund.

The sheriff's office also reported an increase of 24% over the last year in the number of sex offenders leaving jail and living in the community.

To see a complete list of sex offenders in the area, visit the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office website and click on the sex offender registry link at the bottom of the page.