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      Shopping spree lands two men in jail

      Doctor shopping is a practice that local law enforcement officials say is becoming a problem in the local community and nationwide.The Coffee County Sheriff's Office says two men from Douglas were arrested and now face charges related to the trend.Investigators say Jeremy Boyd Porter was arrested recently for fraudulently obtaining controlled substances.They say he was having his prescriptions filled at five different pharmacies.Jack Martin "Marty" Wilkes was also arrested for fraudulently obtaining controlled substances. He was having his prescriptions filled at three different pharmacies and using different permanent addresses at each pharmacy.Major Bill Berry with the Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit says, "doctor shopping is a felony, and can get someone a minimum of a year in prison."The State of Georgia has implemented a statewide database called the Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program which allows law enforcement officers to work with pharmacies and physicians in an effort to combat this practice to deter the potential abuse and distribution of scheduled controlled substances.This program does not disclose any personal information. It's a tool for pharmacists and physicians to use to identify persons in violation of Georgia law.

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