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      Shopping for the Season with Cops

      Some local kids got the chance to see some of the area law enforcement in a different light.

      On Saturday, the Fraternal Order of Police hosted their annual Shop with a Cop event.

      The event held at the Kmart on Dawson Road gave close to 150 under privileged kids gifts for Christmas paid for by the local Fraternal Order of Police.

      Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Simpson says, this is a perfect way to mend the bridge between law enforcement and the public.

      "The greatest thing is the personal contact with a police officer, most of them don't have a personal contact with a police officer only in a situation when they're called or needed and this way it's considerably different," said Simpson.

      The agencies that took part in the event were the Albany Police Department, Albany State University Police Department, and Dougherty County School Police Department.

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