Shoppers, police crowd the mall for last minute shopping

Police patrolled parking lots during Friday's last minute shopping expedition

Those shopping on Friday for last minute holiday gifts noticed congestion not only in the malls and shopping centers but in the roads as well.

"We've really seen the shopping pick up today here not only at Wal-Mart on the east side but also on the west side," says Capt. Tracey Barnes with the Albany Police Department.

Despite the crowds and bumper-to-bumper traffic, police say there was little road rage and more holiday cheer.

"Believe it or not people are in a very holiday festive mood inside; they're being polite, wishing everyone a merry Christmas," says Barnes.

Shoppers took notice too, saying it made the shopping spree more pleasant than hectic.

"I was surprised to see that everybody's in the Christmas spirit but it's actually very good I'm getting a good vibe from everyone, even the employees," says Qutosha Williams, a last minute shopper.

While Albany police say they didn't have fender benders inside or outside the mall, they did want to avoid other accidents in parking lots.

"While you're out please make sure that you do lock your cars. Also take your presents and put them in the trunk don't leave them out in the open where someone can see them," says Barnes.

He says while inside shopping centers, customers should hold their purses tightly under their arms and hold onto young children by the hand.

Something that will be seen along with crowds during the last minute holiday shopping spree: police presence.

"We do have officers out in the area all over and in the shopping complexes to make sure that folks are getting around safely and no one's bothering them," says

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