Shoppers get last-minute Thanksgiving items

You could say Dani Kress was cutting it late for the Thanksgiving deadline.

"I just dropped my kids off at my parents' house and they gave me this list of saying I needed to pick some things up," says Kress.

While many other stores closed their doors today, fortunately for Kress the Winn Dixie grocery store was open knowing there would be some procrastinators.

"I've got to get some desert which is some pumpkin pie, I decided to get some pecan pie for my dad, some whipped crÃme, cranberry sauce and some rolls," said Kress.

"This morning I've run up on at least seven or eight customers that didn't have anything so they had a whole buggy full or groceries," said Paul Ward who works at the store on Old Dawson Road.

They had a steady stream of customers trying to get in some last minute shopping.

"A lot of people are still grabbing items that they didn't get last night or the store was too packed for them last night and they got off work and went home. So when they found out that we were going to be open from seven to four they had an opportunity today to get everything that they need," said Ward.

For those who were really late in the game, the store also offer fully prepared Thanksgiving meals for pick-up.