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      Shoppers boot up their computers for Cyber Monday

      The days of waiting in line to get deals are over as Cyber Monday quickly approaches and customers are booting up their computers to prepare to shop.

      "I am! I've already got a list of everything I need to get for my children and my nieces and nephews, said Meleia Garza.

      Stores say it's an additional day of savings that all shoppers can take advantage of when checking off Christmas lists.

      "For those who didn't maybe want to fight the crowd or maybe even those who did fight the crowd can actually sit down and maybe take the time and find what they didn't get on Black Friday, they can maybe find that on Cyber Monday," said Target Store Team Leader, Andre Brown.

      People who plan on sitting in front of their computer screens for Cyber Monday deals say shopping online definitely has its benefits.

      "I don't like to go in the lines and wait for hours just to get something and then find out that it might not be there so on Cyber Monday it's definitely a plus to be able to get what I want and be able to just snap my fingers and go 'Okay, I'm going to get it!' right from online," said Garza.

      "You can go online and take your time and order it, you know, check the prices out," said Edna Perry, who turned around after she couldn TMt find a parking spot at Walmart on Black Friday.

      However, those who are shying away from clicking their mouse say they'd rather do their shopping in person.

      "I guess I'm just a little old fashioned, with the computer and all, I like to see what I'm going to get so I'd rather go out and see what I'm buying, said Shirley Carpenter.

      Most deals start at midnight and last all day or all week, depending on the store. For a list of all participating stores and sales, go to