Shop 'til you drop for tax-free weekend

Tax free weekend might be over but it really helped the local economy.

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Tax-free weekend might be over but it really helped the local economy.

Shoppers walked the walk, lined the aisles, and filled up their shopping carts.

Mario Hernandez is just one of the many people who saved a few bucks this weekend. He spent the day in the mix with his four girls doing some back to school shopping.

Hernandez says, "I compare it almost to Black Friday when it's tax free time. Millions of people go out and do the exact same thing you saving on tax and usually retail stores."

With all that foot traffic and card swiping it definitely helped the local economy.

Andre Brown, Store Manager at Target says tax free weekend is just a buffer for what's to come.

He says there wasn't one popular item sold, he says it was across the board spending on everything.

Best Buy Mobile store officials say they saw huge numbers as well.

Store Manager Damon Brown says customers lined the floor buying everything from computers to phones, and of course tablets.

The tax-free weekend in Georgia started on Friday and ended on Saturday.

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