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      Shooting victim's mother joins others to put an end to violence

      The rain doesn't look like it's stopping anytime soon, but one thing Tifton residents feel they can put an end to is the senseless violence.

      Dozens of citizens came out for an event on Saturday afternoon that focused on how members can work together to take back their neighborhoods and featured speakers including a mother whose son was fatally shot.

      The speakers had different speeches but there was a common theme of getting the entire family involved.

      "Please come, we need y'all. The more parents we have, the more involvement we have, I think it'll work out better, said Faye Steward, whose son David Tyrone Barnes was killed in January of 2012.

      "Once there's communication in the family and the parents know or someone in that household knows, someone in the community knows what's going on with our young people, we can combat those things, added Tift County Commissioner Melissa Chevers.

      Members hope to be able to prove their efforts are working by keeping track of the crime rate and say they won't stop until the numbers drop.

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