Shooting victim laid to rest

A poster made for Jeffrey Nunley by family and friends. / Jessica Fairley

It's been one week since a south Albany man was gunned down in front of his home.

Monday morning his family is held his funeral service.

Jeffrey Nunley's family said their goodbyes in front of hundreds who attended the ceremony.

The family was amazed at how the community came out in support.

Nunley's fiancà said it's finally starting to sink-in that he's not coming back.

Now she's calling for answers.

"I just want to ask them to come forward. It's already hard to tell my daughter that she doesn't have a daddy but I can't tell her who did it or why. I need to be able to have that closure for her," said Edalynn Parker, Jeffrey Nunley's FiancÃ.

Parker added that it'll be comforting to see the shooter brought to justice so he won't be able to hurt anyone else.

As of Monday afternoon, Albany Police told FOX 31 that they have no updates on the case.