Shooting Vendetta In East Albany

Albany Police Department has confiscated numerous shotguns and rifles in connection with a so-called shooting vendetta between two East Albany families. 27 year old Travis Vicks and 22 year old Aretavis Washington were arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault. Police say the two were shooting at each other near Washington's home. Wednesday, The Vicks family reported to police that at 5 am, someone reached their hand through a window and began shooting. Lt. Kendra Wilson with APD says the investigation is ongoing, but it is believed these shootings are related to Vicks' nephew being shot and killed in May of 2007. Police are still searching for 29 year old Dewayne Jones, involved in a shooting that occurred Monday night at Applejax Night Club. Jones was with Vicks at the time of the shooting, however Vicks is not charged in relation to that incident.