Shooting in Moultrie sends one to the hospital

A shooting in Moultrie sends one to the hospital in critical condition. / MGN

Shots rang out in Moultrie this afternoon, sending one to the hospital in critical condition.

Moultrie Police are reporting that at around 3:00 PM Saturday, a man was shot in the area surrounding the Forest Creek Apartment complex.

Multiple shots were fired at the scene, sending the victim to Colquitt Regional Medical Center with an unknown number of bullet wounds.

Authorities have not identified a motive at this time, however they believe it could have stemmed from a drug deal gone wrong. Investigators say although that can't be confirmed, they quote: "wouldn't rule it out, considering the area where the shooting occurred."

This continues a string of violent acts in the city over the last several months, leaving residents in the area concerned. Stay connected with us as we learn more in the coming days.

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