Shocking theft

With temperatures approaching triple digits, what could anyone need more than water?

How about electricity? To power the air conditioning?

And if you can't pay for it, or just prefer not to pay for it, you could try stealing it.

That's what Dougherty County Police say Christopher Todesco and Angela Blanco did.

Captain James Sexton of the Dougherty County Police Department says they took a power meter from another location in the trailer park and plugged it back in.

The couple's trailer sits on lot 59, directly across from the trailer on lot 25 where they stole the power hook up.

While investigating the electricity theft, police discovered that the water was also running at the trailer. Suspicious, they contacted the investigation division of Albany Water, Gas and Light.

Reportedly, Tedesco and Blanco also broke into the water meter and opened the gate valve.

They are charged with various misdemeanors including theft of services and theft by receiving.

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