Shirtless firefighter calendar has a twist

An Albany firefighter poses for the camera for a good cause. / Jessica Fairley

For those of you wanting a daily image of the firefighters who keep our community safe, the 2014 Albany Fire Department calendar is ready.

This calendar features a selected group of shirtless firefighters. However, what makes the 2014 edition unique is that there are also female firefighters posing for the camera.

The calendar also includes fire safety tips that include information about kitchen fires and candle use.

"It'll be in this week and they will be on sale. We'll have them at Fire Station No. 6 which is one Meredyth Drive, Fire Station No. 1 which is downtown on Jackson," said Donald Jackson, with the Albany Fire Department.

All proceeds from the calendar will go to the Flint River Chapter of the American Red Cross.

They cost about $10.00 each.

This is the fourth year that the Albany Fire Department has released a firefighter calendar.

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