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      Shining bright with blue & gold pride

      The streets of Albany was shining bright with blue and gold pride Saturday.

      Thousands of people lined the street to witness the Albany State University Homecoming Parade.

      Everyone from the Mayor of Albany, local bands, Fraternities and Sororities, and other city officials walked or rode in the parade.

      FOX 31 caught up with some ASU alumni to get their take on this fun and festive celebration.

      Kimberly Fields says, "it's so fun to be here because I am an alum of Albany state, I've graduated from the institution three times and each time was more special to me."

      Ausha Jackson says, "seeing all of your old friends and classmates and family members everybody coming into town and just having a good time."

      Nekola Ward says, "I'm just proud of my school and I'm proud of my being apart of ASU."

      Members of the FOX 31 News staff also walked in the parade.

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