Sherwood Acres mentor program is producing results

Jemal Gibson speaks to the R.E.A.L. Boys R.E.A.L. Men mentor program. / Sean Streicher

A mentor program that's offered at Sherwood Acres Elementary school has parents singing it's praises.

"R.E.A.L. Boys R.E.A.L. Men" is a mentor program for boys ages eight to twelve years old.

The group tries to meet at least twice a month and do some sort of activity,and recently toured Valdosta State University. Even though the boys were mostly interested in the school's amenities, parents are just happy their boys are getting excited about college.

"I talk to him all the time about going to college, being able to get a good job and being able to go further in life," said Shakera Brown.

The young men also say they see the benefit of being in the program. "It's really helped me a lot; get through a lot of things, made me become a better student," said Carl Mills, a fifth grade student.

The transformation doesn't stop at school as parents say they are also seeing a difference at home.

"(He's being) patient with others and helping with his little brothers and you know just wanting to learn more, do more, be more active in the community," said Darlene Mills.

These are the type of results the organization was designs to produce.

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