Sheriffs' respond to gun restrictions

Sheriffs' respond to gun restrictions from the President. / From file

Oregon, Colorado, and Georgia. Three states where law enforcement have taken a stand against gun reform. With the President pushing for twenty-three executive orders, southwest Georgia sheriff's are speaking out on how they'll be enforcing these new laws - if passed.

"I can't see me or my office going door to door and taking weapons," said Lee County Sheriff, Reggie Rachals.

"I don't believe I should be able to come to you and say, well you're a law abiding citizen, you're doing everything you need to do....but I'm not going to let you protect yourself," said Turner County Sheriff, Andy Hester.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul agreed with Rachals and Hester, reminding the public that although stricter regulations may be needed, it isn't guns that are the problem.

"I can take this gun, and put it on this table. You and I can die, and our grandchildren will come and that gun will still be on this table and never kill anybody. It's the mindset, it's the person with their finger on the trigger," said Sheriff Sproul.

And although these proposed laws range from banning assault rifles, to closer mental health checks, officials say its not a perfect solution.

"They're knee jerk reactions, things that try and get passed that really don't solve the problem," said Sheriff Hester.

"If they pass a law to ban guns, I think the supreme court is going to be full of cases about the constitutional rights of it," said Mitchell County Sheriff, B.E. Bozeman.

Now all four sheriffs said they respected their colleagues opinion, however they took an oath, and they plan to stand by it.

"I believe in the second amendment, I took an oath to support the united states constitution, and the constitution of Georgia. I was elected by the citizens of this county to uphold the laws of this land, and they would expect nothing less out of me," said Sheriff Sproul.

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