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      Sheriff's office uncovers cell phone scheme

      The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office has uncovered an elaborate cell phone scheme involving inmates.

      Albany Tractor Company received a call from a person interested in purchasing expensive lawn mowers.

      The person came and picked up the mowers but employees with Albany Tractor Company thought it was weird and contacted the sheriff's office.

      The Dougherty County Sheriff's Office traced the call to inmate at Vintress Corrections Facility in Alabama.

      Joseph Harvey Raper is accused of running this elaborate scheme and sending 49-year-old Fletcher Williams to pick up the mowers.

      Raper is charged with criminal attempt to commit theft by deception and two felony counts of theft by deception.

      Williams is currently wanted by the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

      Another Albany business, Potter Motor Company, has fallen victim to this scheme as well.

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