Sheriff's Deputy arrested for selling drugs

Photo Credit: Courtesy Dougherty Co. Jail

Worth County Sheriff's Deputy Justin Stewart is arrested for selling oxycodone, according to the Albany Dougherty Drug Unit (ADDU).

The Drug Unit says they received a tip about a drug transaction that would occur around 5 p.m. on Tuesday; that's when they arrested Stewart. He is charged on multiple counts including possession of a controlled substance (oxycodone) and possession of drug paraphernalia. ADDU says he did not give them problems during the arrest and did identify himself as a Worth County Sheriff's Deputy.

Major Bill Berry with ADDU says Stewart filled a prescription he received for the pills as the result of a back injury then later sold some of those pills.

"It disappointed me, it disappoints all of us in law enforcement; I talked with the sheriff last night, he was disappointed as well as upset," says Berry. "We a lot of times get criticized for just going after dope dealers. We find out it's one of our own, if he's carrying a badge or she's carrying a badge, it becomes a priority to me because it tarnishes all our other badges."

Berry says along with the consequences stemming from the charges - all of which he says are felonies - he says Steward could lose his job, certification and possibly violated his oath of office.

Worth County Sheriff Freddie Tompkins says they will decide what course of action they will take after they speak with Stewart when he is released from jail.

ADDU says they returned Stewart's state-issued gun to the Worth County Sheriff's Office.