Sheriff's deputy arrested for robbery

Reyes has been charged with robbery by intimidation and kidnapping. / Lowndes County Jail

Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine has announced that one of his deputies has been fired after they say he participated in a robbery.

According to officials with the Sheriff's Office, deputy Jason Stacks initiated a traffic stop on a Hispanic man on North Ashley Street and was assisted by Miguel Reyes and Gloria Gallego.

Once the man was stopped, the trio demanded money from the victim in exchange for not arresting him. The man paid $300 and was released.

Sheriff Prine became aware of the incident, an internal investigation was began and Stacks was placed on administrative leave after the allegations surfaced until the investigation was complete.

Reyes has been arrested and is awaiting extradition back to the Lowndes County jail while Gallego is already there. Stacks has been transported to another facility.

Stacks has been charged with violation of oath of office, robbery by intimidation, and kidnapping. Reyes and Gallego has been charged with robbery by intimidation and kidnapping.

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