Sheriff's Department: Baconton man shoots and kills neighbor's pit bulls

Steven Good is charged with two counts of animal cruelty

There's been a deadly pit bull attack in Mitchell County, only this time the pit bulls are the victims.

Sheila Anglin says her four pit bulls got out of the house and took off running down the street, but when only two dogs returned she knew something was wrong.

Police reports show 49-year-old Steven Good called police after he shot and killed the two dogs. He claimed the dogs were attacking his dog, a black lab. But the Anglins say that's not what happened. They told police Good chased the dogs on his 4-wheeler, and then shot them. Reports show one of the dogs was found in a ditch down the road from the Good's home, just south of Sugar Cane Road; the other was found close to the Anglin's home on Sugar Cane Road.

Good is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. There were no prior complaints about the dogs at Mitchell County Animal Control, and Ricky Anglin says he can only think of one time when a neighbor had a problem with the dogs. The Anglins say all of their dogs are friendly and don't believe any of them would harm anyone.

Sheila Anglin says people assume the dogs are mean because of the negative stigma that comes with the breed. "Pit bulls were not born to be aggressive and mean, they are raised to be that way, and it's the people who turn them that way. Ours have all been raised with love and kindness," says Anglin.

We tried repeatedly to reach Steven Good for comment, but there was no answer at his home or by phone. He later returned the call to refer us to his lawyer for a comment. Police wouldn't comment because the case is still under investigation.

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