Sheriff Rachels responds to opposition

Sheriff Reggie Rachels has resided over Lee County for the last several years and has spent over 30-years in the police force. However animal activists around Lee County began to question Rachals, after a horse on his property was deemed to be malnourished. Those speaking out against it, wish to remain anonymous.

"Thing is I want people to know, what kind of Sheriff Lee County has. Do you want a Sheriff that has cruelty to animals, or do you want a Sheriff that is good with the people." said an anonymous spokesperson.

With this issue stemming back to November, the department of agriculture made three separate trips to inspect the field and animals. Each time they found the living conditions to be appropriate for livestock, and ruled the case to be closed.

"I'm tired of the accusations, tired of the lies, tired of the harassment continuously coming my way, and towards my family. Sure it's upsetting, but I'm going to work through this." said Sheriff Rachals.

Sheriff Rachels went on to say that the horse in question did die, however it was only after activists had forced him to remove the animal from the field, and into a stable. Rachels attributes the horse's quick deterioration to being removed from the field and its normal habitat.

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