Sexton says a sentimental sayonara

Captain Sexton during one of his first years at the Dougherty County Police Department

/ Colby Gallagher

After 36 years in law enforcement, 34 of those spent at the Dougherty County Police Department, Captain Jimmy Sexton is retiring.

Fox 31 visited the station to see what kind of boss Captain Sexton was.

"I have worked for Captain Sexton and with him for 11 years since the time I've been here at DCP," said Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick.

"He was my lieutenant when I first started here and I was a dispatcher and he's like a father figure to a lot of us," said Heidi Minnick, Administrative Specialist to the Chief.

For over three decades Captain Jimmy Sexton worked alongside of many men and women at the Dougherty County Police Department, but on Friday he makes his exit.

"I decided it was about time," said Sexton.

Although his colleagues are excited for him, it's bittersweet for those watching him go.

"A lot of us have stayed because we're a family and seeing him leave is like losing a part of our family," said Minnick.

Captain Sexton plans to buy a motor home and travel the country with his wife - something he's very excited for - but is also saddened to leave the people who he says honor and encourage others.

"The public I don't think understands how dedicated these people are or how special they are," said Sexton.

On Friday, Captain Sexton will exit the doors of the Dougherty County Police Department for the last time, in uniform, but his coworkers want him to know his presence will not be forgotten.

"He has a lot of knowledge about working in law enforcement and we use his knowledge a lot. He will be truly missed," said Kirkpatrick.

"Thank you for staying with us for as long as you've been, thank you for being the supervisor that you were and don't forget us when you leave because we're going to miss you," said a visibly emotional Minnick.

When asked what his parting words would be to those who are so sad to see him go?

"Thank you. I'm very grateful to have been associated with such fine people."