Severe weather this weekend, not out of the question.

Set up for possible severe weather Sunday and Monday.

/ Mike Morrison

Southwest Georgia has enjoyed warm and dry conditions to kick off April but this month can also see severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

This weekend Friday through Monday we are forecasting showers and thunderstorms but there is still some uncertainty on this weekend's severe weather threat.

Friday and Friday night the area could see thunderstorms with a slight possibility of severe weather but the main area of concern will be west of Southwest Georgia Friday.

Saturday we can expect a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms across the area but I expect that any thunderstorms will be below the severe threshold of hail 1 inch or greater and or winds in excess of 58 mph.

The timeframe of Sunday through Monday is still a bit far off to really nail down severe thunderstorm potential but a few forecast models do indicate increased possibilities for strong winds, large hail and possible tornadoes.

Sunday night and Monday has the best ingredients for severe weather for Southwest Georgia. We expect a warm front to move north of the area and a cold front to push in from the West.

With plenty of warm, moist air in place we will watch for a squall line to move across the area Sunday night into Monday with possible severe thunderstorms and possible isolated tornadoes.

Today (Thursday) is still a bit far off to expect total confidence in seeing severe weather between Friday and Monday but we will be watching it closely.

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