Several yard sales across Albany Saturday

It was a big Saturday for yard sales. The first one had to be moved inside at the Albany Art Museum. They started so early it was still dark outside.

All the items sold were donated by workers, members and volunteers. The money went right back to art museum to fund operations.

True to form, SOWEGA Autism Resources teamed up with Beckhom Behavioral Consulting for a yard sale on their front lawn. They were also raising money to help buy some general supplies.

There were also necklaces for sale to raise money specifically for a couple of iPads. Workers say the iPads have been a great tool in teaching children with autisim.

Everything sold was donated from the workers and the community.

At least 17 homes joined in a neighborhood sale. Residents in the Doublegate area joined up to sale off some of their old items. They say they had a good turn-out especially early this morning. These funds though went to whatever the seller wanted to do with them.