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      Sequestration scares many federal programs

      Mandatory spending cuts will hit many federal programs beginning Friday unless President Barack Obama and Congress avoid the so-called sequester.

      But Georgia officials say the effects here are not immediately clear.

      A state-by-state account from the White House says Georgia could, among other items, lose $233 million in Army base support; $190 million in pay for Department of Defense employees; $28.6 million in K-12 education support; and money that pays for immunizations, environmental management and meals for needy seniors.

      Even agencies like the Liberty House, who provides service to victims of domestic violence, could lose over $200,000 dollars in funding over the next year."I'm Already short three people and if we get any more funding cuts how are we supposed to do our job, how can we keep women and children safe," said Silke E. Deeley, the Executive Director of Liberty House.Two big-ticket federal programs - Social Security and Medicaid - are exempt. So are Pell Grants, school nutrition and federal highway construction. But Medicare isn't.Some analysts, meanwhile, say the biggest long-term effect could be an economy slowed down by diminished consumer confidence.

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