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      Seniors provided protection by law enforcers

      S.A.L.T., stands for "Seniors And Law enforcement Together". It is a cooperative effort of the local retired and active law enforcement and the Senior Citizens of Albany and Dougherty County.The goal of this group is to decrease crime and the fear in order to raise livability for seniors. People don TMt generally think about elderly abuse, they don TMt think about the elderly population being sexually abused, they don TMt think about the finically abuse, they don TMt think about them living in neglectful situations without food or water, said Elaine Wilson of the Southwest Georgia Council on Aging. Law enforcement said it is important to apart of community conversations. It's very important to hear the concerns of the citizens and when you look at the and the crimes against senior citizens and the numbers and how they are rising up every year, it TMs a very seniors concern for law enforcement, Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul. The event was successful for one senior volunteer. There is so much abuse. Some of this stuff I didn TMt know but I TMve really learned about things today and I TMm glad I came, said Mary Thompson. Violence is a bigger problem than most of us know; violence occurs every day but we don TMt realize the impact that it has on our senior citizens in our community such as it does. So, it really helps us to understand that, to approach that and attack it. said Sproul.